"The Eye Patch Kids" DVD helps children who are dealing with amblyopia, strabismus and cataracts.

Is eye patching your child turning into a daily battle?  Then join Princess, Patty and Peter, "The Eye Patch Kids", as they take you through the story of Princess's visit to the eye doctor to discover she has amblyopia (lazy eye).  Princess's unwillingness to wear an eye patch and how Patty and Peter (who already wear eye patches) show her how fun it is and all the great things she can do with her eye patch on.They laugh and sing their way through the video along with the Bjort's (these furry headed little eye patched creatures).  There is also a "Patch Pledge Promise" that Princess recites along with the Bjort's to your child as she tells them that they need their eye patch on in order to be part of their special "Eye Patch Group".

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About The DVD: This DVD is designed to take the pressure off the parents and to put it on the puppets.  Throughout the DVD, we encourage your child to put on their eye patches so they can be cool like the puppets.  The DVD informs children that wearing and eye patch helps their lazy eye get better and to listen to their parents by not taking off the eye patch until they are told to. 

This DVD can also be used for other eye conditions that require children to wear an eye patch.

"The Eye Patch Kids" are proud to announce being a recipient of the 2005 Telly Awards.

Prevent Blindness America lists the DVD as a useful resource for patching children with amblyopia.

"The Eye Patch Kids" DVD And Merchandise